using-a-multipurpose-welder.jpg is a premium welding blog and business founded by Gregory Sanders in 2016. Gregory comes from a background of over 25 years of professional welding working for 3 different companies. As he got older, he decided to start a Cromweld so that he could share his knowledge about welding with others.


Cromweld was with 2 things in mind - to detail the journey on how to become a professional welder and to provide information about various welding equipment. To give career advice he has written articles about the welding schools in various states, earning potential, different welding career paths, and other educational topics.


With over 2 decades in the field he has tried out a LOT of different welding equipment. Naturally, some brands and products are better than others and he writes in-depth reviews so that individuals can make intelligent purchasing decisions that are good both for their wallet and their own safety.


In the last quarter of 2019, Gregory has hired 2 more team members to help him with the blog, as demands for more information have risen steadily with loyal readers returning to the blog and requesting various article topics. However, Gregory will still look at everything before publication to make sure the quality that Cromweld is known for is maintained.


Cromweld operates on 2 principal - integrity and quality. Everything on the blog was written and researched with extreme detail to make sure all the facts are straight. However, With over 150 articles, it is difficult for Cromweld to always be up to date, but they continuously monitor content and improve it over time.


If you’re looking to learn more about welding from a seasoned veteran then look no further than Gregory Sanders’




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